Solar arrays offer ideal places for pigeons or squirrels to make nests underneath the panels on the rails or feet. When they nest they make a mess of your roof and can cause electrical problems when they chew wires or pull out connections on your array. We install professional grade metal mesh guards around your solar arrays to keep pigeons and squirrels out. Even if you do not have a problem with pigeons or squirrels, it’s always a good idea to protect your investment and keep your system up and running. We are certified solar installers, and our installations do not damage your panels or void any warranties on your system, and they are guaranteed to last.

If you own or work for a roofing or solar company and you are looking for critter guard installation, panel cleaning and/or pigeon removal services, we can help!


If you have solar panels you might not see them often, or at all, since they are on your roof. Dirt and debris can build up on your panels, blocking them from absorbing sunlight and decreasing their efficiency. We recommend cleaning your panels at least 3 times per year to keep your system running top notch. If you are interested in having your solar array cleaned, let us know! We can come and do a one time cleaning or get you on our schedule and keep your panels producing at their peak year round.

Pest Removal

If you have a solar array that is not flush to your rooftop, then there’s a likely chance you may have a cozy little home for pigeons and squirrels to stay warm, make nests, and also use as a bathroom. This hazardous waste gets all over your panels and roof, and eventually builds up in your gutters and causes damage to your home. Pigeon poop contains harmful bacteria and viruses and can be dangerous for pets and children. If you have pigeons nesting under your array, contact us today. We will remove all pigeons and nests, clean up the waste and install a guard around the perimeter of the array to keep the pigeons out for good.

Why Solar Guards

Protect your investment!

Pigeons & Squirrels can cause a mess, clogging up your gutters and even chewing through your cables, damaging your system.

Recent Roof repair?

When re-shingling your roof, most solar arrays have to be removed, and when they are re-installed it’s a good time to re-install your old guards, or get some installed before the pigeons come to nest.

Do you own a Roofing or Solar company?

We work with local roofing and solar companies to install guards on new installs before the pigeons have time to make a nest, with existing customers who have a pigeon problem they need taken care of, or with customers who get roof repairs that require their arrays be detached and reset. If your company is looking for services like this, let us know!

Do you need your solar panels cleaned?

Most people don’t realize how much dirt and debris ends up on your panels up on the roof, decreasing the efficiency of your solar array. We recommend having your panels cleaned 3 times a year to keep them absorbing all the sunlight they can.

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